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I walked on FIRE….

Updated: Jul 20

Tony Robbins pointing toward someone.

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the 4-day intense, 50-hour Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within seminar in San Jose. I had read his materials and decided it was time for a “shot in the arm”.  My daughter, my niece and a 20-year AvantGard team member also attended.

I did not know what to expect, I did know that we needed to bring plenty of water, food and snacks to maintain our energy for the long days ahead.  I packed a cooler  and off we went.

There was something magical about being in a room with 6,000 people (the biggest ever)  from 21 countries who wanted to learn, grow and be their best. Tony Robbins high intense energy is contagious, he had us dancing, massaging each other, clapping, jumping for 10 hours the first day. He is a dynamic, engaging  speaker and does not read any materials. What surprised me the most, was that it was not only a motivational seminar, it was  more of a change your life seminar. He had us analyze our life, from our body, to our finances, and love and relationships. There is always a gap where we are and where we want to be.  The seminar was to learn how to bridge that gap.

The first day was focused on letting go our fears, which is what holds us back from getting what we want.  That night was the fire walk. It’s really a metaphor, if we can fear the fire and do it any way, we could let go of other fears.

It was 11:30 PM and we all walked the few blocks to the 12 fire lanes, Tony instructed us for a long time on the state on mind we needed to be in, and how to do it. No running across, walk normal, look straight,  don’t look at the coals, and say “cool moss” as you walk. So it was my turn, they pumped me to get in state, cheered and off I went, I did look at the coals, I forgot to say “cool moss”, they hose my feet at the end and it was a terrific feeling! Now I can cross it off my bucket  list.

The coals were a bit warm, no big  deal, one foot was a bit sensitive, my niece got a blister on one foot. I heard the next day on the news that 21 people got burned. I was there and I did not see ambulances and people screaming like the media said. OHH well, that’s the media.

The following 3 days were fun filled, and also emotional with plenty of tears. We had to be truthful to ourselves and recognize our limiting beliefs and what our life would be if we changed them :), and what it would be if we didn’t ;(

I am grateful to have attended, and I highly recommend this seminar.  I am working on the commitments I made.

To an outstanding life, cheers!


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