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Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Last month, my daughter Jessica and went to New York to attend a Spa and Skincare conference. We went to view new products, equipment and to refresh our knowledge. I love traveling with her, besides having mom and daughter time, I have my own personal makeup artist. I always forget makeup on purpose, knowing she will have everything I need.

Day one – We took the red eye, did not sleep for a minute and arrived at the hotel to take a shower. By 10:30 am we were in Soho having breakfast, Jessica had lots a plans for such a short visit! After breakfast, satiated and tired we walked past a Chinese massage place offering Tui Na, a Chinese style massage and I said, “let’s have a massage!” Jessica was not convinced it was the right place for us and I kept on insisting, “come on… how bad can it be? I just want to lie down and relax, we haven’t slept”.

We took the steps down to this basement location to find ourselves in the hands of 2 small and friendly oriental ladies that told us to remove all of our clothes in these tiny, partitioned rooms. Our clothes? I thought I was having a clothed shiatsu type massage! An hour later, we walked out awake or was it mortified? It was NOT a relaxing massage at all, we received 1 hour of pain each, tax deductible by the way, thank goodness!

Started walking, window shopping, walking and walking some more. We walked by a new pretty and modern nail spa and I said, “let’s have a manicure, my nails look horrible” and this time, I only wanted to sit down! We did leave happy and with pretty nails.

Day two – Walked thru the showroom, looked at new products, bought lash lenghteners, new creams, waxes and aromatherapy. Jessica selected all the new Jane Iredale Mineral lipstick colors and new mineral liquid foundation, talked to vendors, got plenty of samples and I started to wonder…. how are we going to take all this back home? we both had carry-ons!

Day two, evening – Before heading out to dinner and a Broadway show, Jessica wanted to get her eyebrows waxed on 5th Ave at a special Brow Bar called “Anastasias” she wanted to see “how they did it”. She paid $35 to get hers shaped and so she could watch, I had mine done as well. We walked out with thinner brows than usual and she did not learn a thing, she could have taught the Esthetician a few things on sanitation, the wax pot was filthy!

Day three – Fun sightseeing, stopped at a TJ Maxx to buy a suitcase to bring all of our “beauty treasures home”.

I will soon be going to Vegas to another conference and leaving Jessica behind. I have to do my own my makeup? oh dear!

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