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Toners – what’s so great about them?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023


Sometimes you might wonder about toners. Are they really neccessary? I think so, they remove the leftover makeup so your performance products can penetrate and depending on the toner used, some are hydrating with moisture boosting ingredients while others can be exfoliating for clogged pores. Always apply with a cotton pad and wipe. Toners also remove tap water residue, which can include chlorine and minerals that can leave your skin drier.

In Phoenix Arizona, where my son used to live, the water was VERY hard with heavy metals and my skin always felt dryer when visiting, of course the worst part was trying to clean the hard water buildup out of his shower glass. ( that’s another blog) It would probably be called: Doing too much for your kids!

Going back to toners- For my mature skin, I prefer hydrating toners and I now love to keep a  bottle of the organic SukiSpa nourishing toner at my desk. I use it to spritz my face to hydrate mid-day or just to plain refresh myself and my office. I  spritz, inhale, refresh and repeat.

Happy toning! Blanca~

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