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At the End of the Day….

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Water pouring from a bamboo pipe into the river.

I was chatting with two guests during our recent SPARTY and one shared how much stress and tension she usually experiences. I don’t know if it’s  because of my age or what my team members have taught me over the years,  spa folks have personalities that incorporate the three CCC’s;  Cool, Calm and Compassionate and  If  I happen to feel  frazzled, being around their soothing energy calms me down.

Owning a spa can be a bit stressful at times.  We might have sick therapists and guests wanting their spa services, the spa music cannot be heard, one computer is not working, we are out of some face mask and its back-ordered…

I no longer allow myself to get upset over LITTLE things, I have learned  to breathe deep and  let go- because at the end of the day, IT REALLY DOES NOT MATTER!

To breathing DEEP and letting GO.

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