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Find your shelter in place ZEN

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

During these times when we’re disconnected and afraid, the unknown can add worry, stress or anxiety. You might be homeschooling, working from home or not working at all and isolated. Routines are made up of those things we do daily,  rituals on the other hand, are things we do deliberately to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Rituals break up the monotony, create joy and nourish our souls.

1.- Tea Time– Make a cup a tea and while you hold the warm cup and sip, think of the things you are grateful for, we feel better when we think of all that we do have.

2.- Breathe–Do you find yourself holding your breath throughout the day especially while watching the news? Do you feel tense and anxious while you do it? Chances are, the answer is yes. Close your eyes and breathe deeply thru your nose and exhale thru your mouth. Inhale peace and healing, exhale stress and anxiety.

3.-Take a Bath–Add a calming aromatherapy blend to the bath water before bedtime, don’t have a bathtub? A foot soak feels very good,  you can even add 1/4 cup mouthwash, most mouthwashes have peppermint, it will be refreshing and disinfecting.

4.- Take a brisk walk–spending time outdoors can help you reduce stress and lower your blood pressure.

5.- Meditate- It can be as simply as closing your eyes, taking deep breaths and imagining white flowers coming down to every human being on the planet and on pets. Imagine those flowers bringing with them  peace and healing. This exercise was shared by Rebecca Fisk, our spiritual advisor.

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