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Massages are like ice cream – everyone likes a different flavor

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Girl relaxed while getting a body massage

Massages are as unique as the therapists that perform it. All therapists have different hands, pressure and presence. We all have an energy field around us and we resonate better with some than with others. I have my favorites, which may not be your fit. One of the common questions asked to our concierge team is who’s the best? And we don’t have that answer, we try to pair the therapist based on the pressure needed–It’s up to you to find YOUR best. Be assured, AvantGard hires only top talent.

I personally have different therapists for different needs; I have the therapists that I seek when I’m drained, stressed and need emotional recharging, the massage that feels like a big nurturing hug.

Other times, when I  need those kinks worked out I seek a different one, and the more I need a massage, the better it feels!

Just like Ice cream they’re addictive (in a healthy way) and I encourage you to try as many flavors as possible, and one day you will find that perfect one, the one that you keeping on going back to again and again!

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