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Get Glowing with Lemons

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Lemons placed on the table with a tagline that says, "Get Glowing with Lemons, A Simple Spa Recipe."

Oftentimes  when cooking, we are left with 1/2 a lemon that goes to waste.  Some of the ingredients you use to make lemonade can make your skin glow.

So If you want to have good-looking, smooth skin this Spring, I suggest  getting rid of some of it. Specifically, you can do without those old dead cells that make your skin look dry and aged.  The acidity ( alpha hydroxy acid) in lemons exfoliate and lighten the  skin. Sugar is made from sugar cane, which is a natural and mild  source of glycolic acid, an alphy hydroxy acid as well. Glycolic acid is good at breaking down the protein — the glue — that keeps dead skin cells from sloughing off, as well as boosting new skin cell production and smoothing and softening skin.

My DIY Spa Recipe: Take your  leftover 1/2  lemon and  sprinkle with  some sugar, exfoliate your hands and arms  over the sink and rinse.

Have more time?  In a small container, squeeze the juice, add about 2 tablespoons of sugar,  a teaspoon of  olive  or coconut oil  to form  a paste and do the same for your entire body.  You’re worthy of having sexy, beautiful skin!

Craving a relaxing   and pampering experience?  We invite you to try our  Aromatherapy Body Glow and Massage It’s  currently offered in  60/75/90 minutes: $155/$175/$195.

Wishing you a glorious Spring, Blanca

P.S Be careful- oil makes slippery  floors, place a small towel on the floor for security.

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