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Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Flowers in a girl's hand.

Today I had the best morning- I was “fluffing” the products at the reception area and here comes Cheryl, a client I used to provide services to, 16 + years ago when  I was a practicing Esthetician. Her memory put mine to shame, it was  sharp as a thumb tack.  She started to ask me: Are you still with Byron? ( my old boyfriend) How is your son? Is he still in Phoenix?

Cheryl: remember when I  was afraid for you when you wanted to expand the first time? I didn’t think you were making the right choice.

Me: OHH, yes Cheryl  I remember, and thank goodnees I didn’t  listen to you.  Because of your comment, I went out to prove you wrong ( laughter).

Cheryl: From here forward,  I will keep my mouth shut! (laughter)

Then I ran into Juliamy  very first bookkeeper; at that time, I had no money to count and  had  a few receipts to enter.  I used to do my own paperwork ( and I hated every minute of it)  I asked about Steve her husband ( I did remember his name). I even tried to help her with a lipstick purchase, but then decided, that my daughter Jessica would  do better, she is younger and knows the current trends.

Then I heard from Susan,  a former staff member  that I absolutely love,  and have kept in contact. She is considering moving back  to the area and wanted to know  If I  would “take her back, because you have me spoiled, I don’t want to work for anyone else, you are the absolute best, and  you know me, I am not saying this to get my job back”

Of course!! she is one of those wonderful, delightful people that radiates positive energy  and makes your day.  Please come back and make my day. I will be here waiting….

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