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Remembering Michelle…

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Two ladies smiling.

Today, when I was working on the “Pretty In Pink” October spa offers, the first person that came to mind was Michelle. She joined AvantGard in 2006  highly recommended by her best friend Lisa Swan, our current spa  manager. She joined our team as a spa concierge –  she was very nervous at first, AvantGard was her first position after staying at home  for 2 years fighting breast cancer and post cancer depression. Once she learned her 40+ co-workers names, who did what, the difference between micro dermabrasion and an anti-aging peel plus a million more details, she felt right at home.  She was funny, delightful, always had a warm smile for our spa clients and always kept busy.

One day Lisa heard a cough she did not like and encouraged her to see the doctor-It was too late, her breast cancer had returned and it was now in her lungs.  She only had a few weeks left. We immediately planned a barbecue so the team  and I could share an afternoon and say our goodbyes. Monika took  her a festive yellow lei.

She was courageous and funny till the end,  Lisa never left her side. On my last visit while she was under hospice care in her home, I sat next to her, and she: “Blanca, I love you, working for AvantGard was the best position I’ve ever had”  and then looked at her toes  and said ” my toes look horrible, you think Cindy can come and give me a pedicure?”

We remember those we lost and support those who fight. Pretty in Pink!

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