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The secret of potent serums

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

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Serums work quicker and better, come in smaller bottles, are lightweight and similar to a gel. They are water-soluble with smaller molecules and higher concentration of active ingredients. Serums can contain vitamins, anti-oxidants, peptides and super hydrator hyluronic acid, exfoliating acids or skin brightening ingredients to address every skin concern.

Serums VS Moisturizers, which should you use?

Both have different purposes, moisturizers help moisturize the surface by replacing much needed lipids (natural oils) especially on dry skin. Most moisturizers have some oil and the molecular structure is larger so it does not penetrate as deeply.

I recommend using both- first apply serum to face and neck and wait 5-minutes to allow it to penetrate. Follow by your moisturizer to seal.

Try a serum and see the difference on your skin. Ask your Esthetician for a recommendation. We offer complimentary skin analysis and consultations.


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