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When being connected, looks disconnected.

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

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I recently attended a  spa round-table and noticed  two collegues with their blackberrys checking emails during our meeting.  This was an intimate setting, only 8 in the group and the type where we take turns to share while others listen.  I know for sure we did not have any doctors on-call, they were all spa folks, just like me!

Last month I went to lunch with a friend and she placed her blackberry right on the table and checked every few minutes. I just don’t understand, and I think it’s rude. do we need blackberry anonymous?  Hi, my name is ___________ and I am a blackberry addict.

My advice – take a deep breath, keep it in your purse and enjoy the now, blackberrys can wait. Sharing time with friends and love ones are the connections that makes our life richer. I’m sure when the time comes for us to go, we won’t remember how many emails we returned, we’ll only remember the laughter, the great times we had, with the people we love.

Take a deep breath, keep in your purse and enjoy….it will be waiting for you after dinner.

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